Oct 122008

The Inca Trail

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor
Jessica Warren-Acosta, Andean flutes
Kenneth Olsen, cello

Alomía Robles –   El cóndor pasa
Martínez y Compañón –   Colección de música virreinal
Luzuriaga –   Responsorio
Frank –   Illapa
Golijov –   Mariel for Cello and Orchestra
Soro –   Tres Aires Chilenos
López –   Fiesta!

Peruvian conductor and curator Miguel Harth-Bedoya takes you on a journey along the “Inca Trail” in this unique program, rediscovering forgotten musical gems and newly composed works from his native country. Accompanied by images and video footage from present-day Peru, you’ll hear pieces like El cóndor pasa (a familiar song that has been covered by Simon and Garfunkel) and Illapa, which features traditional Andean flutes. Harth-Bedoya says, “These concerts can present a whole new world to people who have never been to South America.”

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