Jun 302009

IgnacioHuidobro2009Mr. Ignacio P. Huidobro passed away recently on June 9th, 2009.  We the Directiva sincerely thank him for his great contribution to the early beginnings and the continuation of the Club Chileno de Chicago.

During the mid-50’s he helped found the Chilean Club of Chicago with a group interested in maintaining and promoting Chilean culture and heritage in Chicago.  Others included Homero Castillo and John Johansen.

While working at Bauer and Black in the 1960s, the company offered him a position in Boston, but Mr. Huidobro chose to remain in Chicago and in 1964, transitioned to the William Wrigley Company.  Most of his professional career was at Wrigley as the Export Manager for the Mexico, Caribbean and South America territory.

He also became the Consul of Chile in 1969 and eventually the Consul General.  He continued his association with the CCC and in 1979 became president.  He also worked for LAN Chile representing cargo transportation. Between Latin America and Chicago.

He retired from public life in 1994 and enjoyed traveling the world always as representative from his native land.  He is survived by his ex-wife, sons Tom and Paul, daughter Gloria, grand-children Elizabeth, Marie, Mat, Kevin, Katherine, Alix and Christina, and great-grandchildren Amira, Jadyn, Grace and Nathanael all of the Chicagoland area.

Services were held on Tuesday, June 30th, 10:00 am at St. Laurence O’Toole Church.

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