"Inca Trail", homenaje a la musica andina por el Chicago Symphony Orchestra

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Oct 122008

The Inca Trail

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Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Miguel Harth-Bedoya, conductor
Jessica Warren-Acosta, Andean flutes
Kenneth Olsen, cello

Alomía Robles –   El cóndor pasa
Martínez y Compañón –   Colección de música virreinal
Luzuriaga –   Responsorio
Frank –   Illapa
Golijov –   Mariel for Cello and Orchestra
Soro –   Tres Aires Chilenos
López –   Fiesta!

Peruvian conductor and curator Miguel Harth-Bedoya takes you on a journey along the “Inca Trail” in this unique program, rediscovering forgotten musical gems and newly composed works from his native country. Accompanied by images and video footage from present-day Peru, you’ll hear pieces like El cóndor pasa (a familiar song that has been covered by Simon and Garfunkel) and Illapa, which features traditional Andean flutes. Harth-Bedoya says, “These concerts can present a whole new world to people who have never been to South America.”

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Oct 072008

Ernesto Díaz Espinoza

Full of campy, low-budget fun, Mirageman finds local bouncer and martial arts expert Maco Gutiérrez stumbling on a robbery in progress. After bravely thwarting the heist, Maco dons one of the criminals’ blue ski masks to rescue a damsel in distress. Empowered by his brush with vigilante justice, he decides to embark on a one-man quest to make the streets of Santiago safe and inspire hope in his mentally unstable little brother. But superhero living is not quite as simple as Maco assumed. 90 min.  Spanish with English subtitles.

Gonzalo Justiniano

Big in heart and cheerfully zealous in its examination of an unconventional family unit, Lokas tells the story of nineyear-old Pedro, his homophobic single father, and the pair’s adjustment to moving in with Pedro’s gay grandfather. Showing great affection for its vibrant Chilean locations and colorful characters, this amusing charmer is more concerned what it means to be a responsible man in this world than what it means to be straight or gay. 90 min.  Spanish with English subtitles.

José Luis Torres Leiva

Intoxicating visuals highlight this meditation on loneliness and isolation. Torres Leiva is an artist with the camera, and in effect he paints a hushed portrait of a few interconnected characters searching for love or sex or familial affection against the rain-soaked rural coast of Chile. Like any great painting, the viewers are challenged to fill in the blanks of the story. That the young director entrusts his audience with this task is refreshing. 110 min.  Spanish with English subtitles.

Aug 272008

Ricardo GallénTuesday, September 9, 7pm
Instituto Cervantes Auditorium
31 W. Ohio St.
60610 Chicago Illinois

Suggested General Admission: $15

Ricardo Jesús Gallén García studied guitar and ancient music at the Universities of Salzburg (Mozarteum) and Munich with the Masters Fisk, Eglhuber, Spiri, Gilbert, Huebscher and Clerch, graduating in 1999 in the Master Class from the Hochschule fur Musik in Munich, Germany with Joaquin Clerch.

He has given recitals and played in concerts under the direction of well-known conductors such as Maximiano Valdés or Sergiu Comisiona throughout Europe and America, including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Cuba, the United States, Russia, Norway and Israel.

Gallén García has recorded many works for the state radio and televisions in Spain, Finland, Belgium, Romania, Germany, Cuba, Mexico, Poland, Chile, South Korea and Bulgaria. He has realized five CDs for NAXOS Label, in which he interprets, among others, music by Giuliani, Brouwer, Takemitsu, as well as all of the concerts for guitar and orchestra by the Spanish master Joaquin Rodrigo. His first recording was among NAXO’s 50 top-selling records for 2001, and received sensational reviews in the specialized press.

He was featured on the cover of the August 2000 issue of “Classical Guitar Magazine” in which he was interviewed by Cecilia Rodrigo, Joaquin Rodrigo’s daughter. His biographical information has been included, among others, in the fifth edition of The Classical Guitar: It’s Evolution, Players and Personalities Since 1800, written by the director of the Ashley Mark Publishing Company, Maurice J. Summerfield. He is presently a professor of Master Degree at the Extremadura University in Spain and Professor Assistant of Eliot Fisk at the “Mozarteum” University in Salzburg, Austria.

Ricardo Jesús Gallén García has received over twenty international prizes, including:
-1st Prize at the 32nd Markneukirchen International Instrumental Competition 1997, in Markneukirchen, Germany,
-1st Prize and a Special Prize for the best interpretation of the works of Enrique Igoa at the 14th Andres Segovia International Classical Guitar Competition 1998 held in La Herradura, Granada,
-1st Prize at the 4th Alhambra International Guitar Competition 1998,
-1st Prize and the Special Audience Prize at the 33rd Francisco Tarrega International Guitar Contest 1999,

-1st Prize and five Special Prizes (Best Interpretation of a Cuban work, the Leo Brouwer Special Prize, the Cuban National Union of Writers and Artists Musicians Association Prize, the Music Recording and Publishing Company Prize and the Cuban Radio and Television Institute Prize) at the 11th International Guitar Competition held in Havana, Cuba in 2002.


Gran Solo op.14………….. F. Sor

-Sonata Romántica……….. M.M. Ponce
(Allegro moderato, Andante, Momento Musical, Allegro ma non troppo)

-Sonata …………………….. A. José
(Allegro, Minuetto, Pavana Triste, Final)

-Suite BWV997……………. J.S. Bach
(Preludio, Fuga, Sarabanda, Giga, Double)

Jul 222008

August 4 | Gene Siskel Film Center
164 North State Street, Chicago, Illinois

Special Events

Special advance screening THE JUDGE AND THE GENERAL 2008, Elizabeth Farnsworth and Patricio Lanfranco, USA, 84 min.

In 1998, relatives of “disappeared” victims brought suit against former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet (who had granted himself immunity). The case fell by lot to Judge Juan Guzmán, a conservative and Pinochet supporter. In Chile, judges also investigate the cases they try, and what Guzmán uncovered (in his words) “opened the eyes of my soul,” culminating in a dogged effort to bring the elusive general to justice. A potent combination of detective story and political history, THE JUDGE AND THE GENERAL raises issues of torture, rendition, and unbridled executive power that are all too relevant in America today.

For additional information, see: West Wind Productions. Discussion to follow moderated by Jim Lehrer, with Producer/Director Elizabeth Farnsworth and Judge Juan Guzmán

About the film: When in 1998 Chilean judge Juan Guzmán was assigned the first criminal cases against the country’s ex-dictator, General Augusto Pinochet, no one expected much.

Guzmán had supported Pinochet’s 1973 coup — waged as an anti-Communist crusade — that left the democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, and thousands of others dead or “disappeared.” The filmmakers trace the judge’s descent into what he calls “the abyss,” where he uncovers the past — including his own role in the tragedy. “The Judge and the General” reveals one of the 20th century’s most notorious episodes and tells a cautionary tale about violating human rights in the name of “higher ideals.”

In 2005, Guzmán received the prestigious Letelier-Moffitt Human Rights Award in Washington, DC. For more than 30 years, the Institute for Policy Studies has hosted this awards program in the names of two colleagues, Orlando Letelier and Ronni Karpen Moffitt, who were assassinated by agents of Pinochet in 1976. (Save the date for this year’s Letelier-Moffitt awards program: Wednesday, October 15.)

“See the movie if you get a chance, even just for a break from the cynicism of everyday life.”
— Phil Bronstein, editor at large of the San Francisco Chronicle“It’s disturbing to see how many citizens remain pro-Pinochet hardliners. Their purple-faced
fury over diminished power lends this nonfiction chronicle a sharp villainous
element even beyond the Pinochet regime itself.”
— Dennis Harvey, Variety

“Even those with only the slightest interest in Chilean politics will find themselves caught up in the story of judge Juan Guzman and his search for the truth behind the accusations of human-rights violations leveled against former leader Augusto Pinochet.”  – The Onion

“Who could imagine a scenario more compelling than The Judge and the General?
– Gregg Rickman, SF Weekly

About the filmmakers:
Elizabeth Farnsworth
, Producer/Director
Elizabeth Farnsworth was chief correspondent and principal
substitute anchor on PBS’s The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer from 1995-2000. She then became a senior correspondent, reporting mostly from overseas. She now freelances for The NewsHour and makes documentaries. Patricio Lanfranco, Producer/Director Patricio Lanfranco, a Chilean citizen living in Santiago, has been a researcher and producer for two decades. As senior producer of the news department of Chilean National TV (TVN), he produced the live television coverage of the 1995 trial of Manuel Contreras, former chief of Pinochet’s secret police, for the 1976 Washington, D.C. murder of  Orlando Letelier. Letelier worked at the Institute for Policy Studies at the time of his assassination. Because of the broadcast, Chileans were able for the first time to watch attorneys present evidence in an official setting of human rights crimes committed by the secret police.

The Judge and the General airs nationally on the PBS series P.O.V. August 19, 2008. Check your local listings for the PBS station in your city.

May 012008

Don Qui de MattaFechas


Horario de visita
Monday -Thursday 9-7, Friday 9-5


Instituto Cervantes
31 W. Ohio St.
60610 Chicago Illinois




Exposición donde se pueden ver ilustraciones realizadas por el pintor chileno Roberto Matta que acompañan a algunos episodios de la novela de Cervantes. Se trata de una colección de 35 litografías pertenecientes a dos Portfolios editados en 1985 y 1990: Serie Don Qui, 1985, compuesta de 15 litografías color sobre papel Velin D´Arches y 10 sobre papel kraft havanne, y Serie Qui d´Eux con 10 litografías color. Estas litografías fueron grabadas a partir de la serie de más de 90 pequeños dibujos realizados por Matta en Londres, inspirados en sus lecturas del Quijote en 1981 en España . Los dibujos –de los que esta exposición muestra 10 reproducciones- fueron realizados a partir de un escenario escrito por Matta, al que hemos denominado “Alucinaciones sobre el Quijote” y que constituye el proceso creativo de Matta para realizar sus ilustraciones -usando las propias alucinaciones del Quijote- desde el punto de vista del propio Quijote. Se exhiben asimismo 6 pasteles inéditos realizados en Madrid en Noviembre 1989 mediante técnica mixta que incluye la utilización del mismo café que el matrimonio Matta compartió con Alberti en una visita de tres días al poeta, manchas a partir de las cuales Matta trataba de hacerle ver como crear imágenes a partir de los escurridos del líquido. La exposición está comisariada por Inés Ortega Márquez, Directora del Comité Ejecutivo del Centenario Matta. Fue presentada en la 25ª Feria Internacional del Libro de Santiago de Chile (2005) y tras una itinerancia por Chile en el 2006, se exhibió en el 2007 en el Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid.

Ficha técnica
Obra: 35 Litografías, 6 Pasteles, 10 Láminas reproduciendo 10 dibujos originales y textos del proceso creativo Escenario “Alucinaciones sobre el Quijote”
Autor /es: Roberto Matta
Cronología: 1985-1990
Técnica: dibujos, pasteles, litografías
Tamaño: Pasteles: 75 x 55 cm
Procedencia: Centenario Matta
Catálogo: Serie Don Qui : 58 x 66 cm
Serie Qui d´Eux : 77 x 57 cm
Paneles reproducción textos-dibujos originales: A3 (29 x 42)

Entidades colaboradoras
Consulado General de Chile en Chicago / Consulate General of Chile in Chicago
Centenario Matta 11.11.11
Opening reception: Friday, May 9, 6:30pm