Dec 072008

Lecture by Jorge Edwards: The new Latin-American literature in the Barcelona of the 1970’s

Conferencia de Jorge Edwards: Barcelona y la nueva literatura latinoamericana. Años 70

Thursday, December 11 at 6 pm
Instituto Cervantes Auditorium
The conference will be in Spanish with English translation available

Jorge EdwardsEdwards will discuss his personal experiences between Spanish and Latin-American writers and editors in the Barcelona of the 1970’s

Jorge Edwards was born in Santiago, Chile. After receiving his law degree, he joined Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and focused on a diplomatic career. Though he became a full-fledged diplomat in 1957, Edwards continued to write, publishing books and short stories. Edwards has received numerous awards for his writing, including Chile’s National Literature Prize in 1994 and the Premio Cervantes in 1999.

Jorge Edwards, nacido en Santiago, Chile, ex diplomático. Novelista, cuentista y ensayista. Premio nacional de literatura 1994.  Premio Miguel de Cervantes 1999.
La conferencia tratará sobre el testimonio personal de Jorge Edwards sobre la intensa vida literaria entre escritores y editores españoles y latinoamericanos en la Barcelona de los años 70.